Team building on the river Korana

Due to its central geographical position, the city of Karlovac is a great starting point for organizing day trips and fun and recreational activities, whether individual or team.

One such activity is team building or team activities enjoyed by teams and organizations of various types and sizes. The term team building today means the total time spent by an employee of a company or organization solely outside the business premises.

Team building can be classified as a variety of activities – from picnics, rafting, visiting adrenalin parks and participating in joint adrenaline activities, then joint creative workshops, solving common tasks and puzzles, various sports and the like.

As such, the concept of team building was quite unknown in our region until about ten years ago, and its exact definition denotes it as a process or activity of establishing a mutual connection, collaboration, and trust among teammates. As we know ourselves, to succeed in today’s economic environment, it is very important to gather and maintain a quality team of people characterized by successful and efficient cooperation and team spirit.

If done effectively, team building will increase the loyalty of employees to the company, and will positively impact in-team communication, build it, and reduce conflicts. And besides that, everyone in the process will have a good time.

The Korana River that flows through Karlovac is ideal for organizing all-day team building activities such as rafting and canoeing if you want to spend the day in unspoiled nature.

There are plenty of beautiful waterfalls in the Korana river canyon that are perfect for rafting and unforgettable adrenaline trips. Rafting on the river Korana often takes place in inaccessible parts of the river in stretches of up to ten kilometers, and along the way, you will see natural beauties such as rapids, waterfalls, canyons and old abandoned watermills.

The best location for rafting on the Korana River is in Rastoke, from where you can go all the way to Veljun, and the best time to organize team building is in the early spring and fall when the waterfalls are rich in water and when the temperatures are the best.

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