Why wellness at Florian & Godler?



All visitors of our newly opened Florian & Godler Hotel in Karlovac, are in for a real treat – a mini-wellness oasis consisting of a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, and massage and relax zone.

Our mini-wellness oasis is available to all hotel visitors as a place of relaxation after an exhausting trip or hours spent sightseeing Karlovac.

At the mini-wellness oasis, we have recruited top-quality massage experts to guide you through the complete experience and services we offer and prepare for you an unforgettable wellness weekend.

The main goal of wellness is to maintain the balance of the mind and the human soul, and wellness represents a type of a healthy lifestyle characterized by a balance of mental, physical and psychological.

Although we have prepared a mini-wellness oasis for our guests as a place of relaxation and comfort, it is still important to note that a certain etiquette or a way of conduct must be respected to ensure a seamless experience for ourselves, other visitors and the employees of Florian & Godler.

As a general rule, cell phones in wellness areas are not desirable because they impair the quality of service and distract you and the employees, so it is best to forget them for a few hours and focus on relaxation. After all, the very purpose of wellness is to relax and forget for a moment about everyday worries and problems.

If at any time you have a question or you need an explanation and a guide on how to use the mini-wellness oasis and the services we offer, our employees are always available to you.

As part of the Florian & Godler Hotel, we also prepared a Finnish sauna for our guests, which is a small wooden room heated to between 80 and 85 degrees Celsius. The Finnish sauna is known for many beneficial effects it causes for the human body, such as stimulation of the immune system, improvement of circulation and detoxification of the body from harmful substances.

You can also use the Finnish sauna as a preparation for the massage, thus relaxing in advance and increasing muscle flexibility before the massage itself.

The Finnish sauna has a positive effect on the whole cardiovascular system, allowing users to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance.

If you are a bigger fan of the Turkish bath, you will be delighted to know that Florian & Godler also have a Turkish bath. Unlike the Finnish sauna, the Turkish bath has a much longer history of use and the main differences are room temperature and humidity.

Room humidity in a Turkish bath is 50-100% higher than that in a Finnish sauna, and room temperatures range from 40-60 degrees Celsius, making the Turkish bath ideal for relaxing and hydrating the skin and relaxing the muscles.

After completing the treatment in one of our baths, we have prepared a relax zone for you to refresh yourself with fruit juices, fresh fruit, water or tea and continue to relax and enjoy yourself.

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