Hotel opening

Dear guests,

We can proudly announce that on June 13th of 2019, the city of Karlovac has become richer for a top-class hotel. This is the Florian & Godler Boutique Hotel located at 15 Banija Street in Karlovac.

The Florian & Godler Boutique Hotel is a four-star hotel, offering its visitors a total of 32 superbly furnished rooms consisting of two rooms each. What the hotel has prepared for its visitors is a real little refreshment in the Karlovac hotel offer. Namely, the hotel has a wellness area with Turkish and Finnish sauna, relax room, jacuzzi, and offers various types of massages.

The very name of the hotel Florian & Godler, which the owner, Mr. Tomislav Hrastovšćak chose, is very unique and interesting for two reasons – namely, Florian stands because the vision for the future of the hotel is the development of a green and floral story, and Godler because at the place where the hotel stands today, there was a catering shop called “To the Merry Croat”, owned by a gentleman named Godler. That was during the 1920s. The striking name of the hotel – Florian & Godler – came into play with the combination of history and future vision for the hotel.

The whole idea of ​​the project and the hotel was to provide the guests who are passing through Karlovac or visiting it as tourists, a top-quality accommodation with several accompanying facilities that will help them relax in the wellness environment and make their stay unforgettable.

The project for the construction of the Florian & Godler Hotel has been approved and supported under the competition “Support to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in tourism” and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. All this to raise the tourist offer and accommodation capacities of Karlovac to a higher level and to offer the guests and visitors of Karlovac top quality accommodation and related facilities that will motivate them to return.

The hotel currently has 32 rooms and a total of 64 beds, and the complete and professional service is taken care of by our service staff. Currently, there are 13 staff members employed. The plan is to hire two more people in the near future.

And for the idea and vision of the Florian & Godler Boutique Hotel to see the light of day at all, an investment worth HRK 19 million was needed, and the project was also co-financed by grants from the European Union funds.

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