Summer in Karlovac

Although Karlovac has no sea, it does not mean that the summer in the city is boring or lacking in summer tourist activities. Karlovac is an ideal location for visitors who during the summer months enjoy sports and recreational activities, sightseeing, swimming, fishing, adrenaline sports or simply spending their days in nature.

Due to its geographical location in central Croatia, Karlovac is an ideal starting point for organizing fun weekend trips or visiting some of the most visited tourist attractions in its area – such as the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

But what distinguishes the city the most and gives it the nickname “the city on four rivers” are the rivers Mrežnica, Korana, Kupa and Dobra and their bathing areas, which attract thousands of bathers from the wider Karlovac’s surroundings during the summer season.

Karlovac County is a paradise for all swimmers who love swimming in rivers and lakes, which Karlovac hosts know very well, and it is up to every tourist to come and see for themselves and cool off on some of Karlovac’s most beautiful beaches.

The bathing season begins as early as May if you are brave enough and it does not end until the end of September.

Along with the most well-known beaches, there is also a great catering offer and a range of recreational facilities such as canoe rentals and sports fields such as football, basketball, and volleyball.

The very beginnings of Karlovac’s bathing tourism are connected with the Korana River, and the fact that the famous Nikola Tesla liked to swim along with the nearby waterfall on the Korana River is also interesting. The most famous beach on Korana is located in Slunj, and there are also popular beaches near waterfalls in the areas of Lipa, Jarče Polje, Novigrad, Stative and Grdunac.

The river Mrežnica, which is unique with beautiful blue-green color, has a dozen beautiful beaches in Generalski Stol, Zvečaj, Galović, Mihalić Selo and Duga Resa.

The Lešće spa, located right by the river Dobra, is one of the most beautiful thermal springs in Croatia.

Karlovac and its rivers are an ideal location for all lovers of rafting, kayaking, and canoeing because the rivers with their 200 kilometers of flow are almost ideal for this kind of adrenaline fun.

The rich variety of fish species attracts recreational and professional fishermen from all over Croatia and the world, and Karlovac County is among the most attractive fishing tourism destinations in Croatia.

But, in addition to swimming in the city, you can enjoy many other activities. If you love horseback riding and nature getaways, you can relax and enjoy the Karlovac Equestrian Club, which will teach you more about horses and make your trip unforgettable.

Fans of paintball will find many great pitches in Karlovac where they can tackle their friends or work colleagues if they come for team building. The best paintball courts are on the slopes of Vodenica near the river Kupa, in the Mrežnica valley and the forests around Korana and Slunjčica. Besides paintball, you can complement the summer day with a quad ride through the untouched Karlovac forests.

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